Mem-query: Relational algebra for Rust collections

I want to thank everyone for all of the help and encouragement I received over the past year while working on my Master's thesis. My defense was yesterday, and I'm happy to report that my thesis has been accepted. You can find a copy of the thesis and a recording of the defense presentation¹ here.

I'll be publishing everything to shortly (see below). If you've got any questions, I'd be happy to answer them here.

¹ The audio in the presentation isn't great: it ended up quiet, and my delivery is somewhat stilted. Hopefully that doesn't detract from the content too much.


I've gotten the crates published now; note that I needed to change the crate name due to someone else taking my original one before I published:

My apologies for the lack of READMEs; I'll hopefully get around to writing them before too long. For the moment, please note that mem-query requires the nightly compiler due to its use of min_type_alias_impl_trait.

The source code repository can be browsed here.

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