Meetup in the Cologne/Bonn area (Germany)

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Yay, finally a meetup in my area! I'll let you know if I can make it.

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Hi, finally a meeting in Germany!
Unfortunately we can't make it, all the way from Dresden.
We would love to participate remotely though and have a satellite meeting in our local hacker-space.

Could anybody perhaps allow us to skype in?


I'll try to skype with you during the meeting. We're still in the "planning phase" so I'll come back to you soon to schedule a meeting. I hope the WLAN there will be sufficient enough.

Also, may I, please, ask you to copy your question to the meetup forum-page,...just to keep the questions centralized.

Thanks and best regards,

Right where it sais "Start this conversation"? I can't seem to find another form of forum there, sorry :frowning:

Just click on the link from the initial posting. :smile:
Then go to "discussions/message board" and add a new conversation.
Also, if you like, put yourself in the participants list.

thanks, sorry, I looked everywhere but at the top :wink:

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Btw. even if you're participating only via skype add yourself as "participating" so the others will know that you (and your friends) will be "there" :slight_smile:

Nice! Will be there.

Cool. That's about 200km from my current location; I'm not sure yet if I can make it, but I'll see if I can come. Someone need a ride from around Frankfurt/Main?

\o/ Unlikely I can make it next week (and after that I'm gone for a bit), but still nice to see this happening in Cologne now.


living in Frankfurt I'm thinking of whether to join through Skype. Out of curiosity I would like to ask how many of you guys at work do systems programming, e.g. use C or C++. I'm an application developer who works with Java. I'm looking for a hobby language as Java starts to become boring for me. Asking myself whether that makes sense at all. So that's why I'm asking ...

Cheers, Haddock

Hi Haddock,

Skype should be no problem. We have a thread on this in our forum. You could write there so we can plan accordingly.

Regarding your question about C/C++: I used to write some C, C++ in the past but now I'm only coding in C# (backend) and JavaScript (frontend).

I see Rust as a superb opportunity to do some serious systems programming without (too much) C and C++ :wink:

Four years ago I've used Google's Go for a while because at this time they've praised it as a "systems programming language". Now the focus has switched to "web programming", as I understand.

However, I rejected Go because I know C#. If I want to have a garbage collector then I know I'll need a fully-fledged runtime, too.

But again, this is just my opinion.

Best regards,

@Haddock Perhaps we can meet in Frankfurt and Skype the others together? I'm working at the Konstablerwache and could convince my boss to let us use our conference room.

Hi llogiq,

I had to edit my original answer because I'm not sure if you wanted to change the location of our meetup or to set up a new one.

If it's the first case then my answer would be that this is not easy to make, because we have already booked the place and this is a Cologne/Bonn meetup, actually. :smile:

If it's the other case then I'd say: this is a cool idea. The more meetups we have the better for the community. :thumbsup:

Or was your idea just to connect us via Skype (you and Haddock)?

This would be achievable, I think. We already got similar questions from Rustaceans from Dresden.

Best regards,

To alleviate your insecurity about my answer, no, I don't want to change the location. You folks stay in Cologne. :smile:

My question was directed at @Haddock , who, judging from the prior comment, also is in the Frankfurt area.

So I'm not exactly proposing a formal Meetup yet – though I may consider it should there be sufficient interest.

Ok, thanks. :smile:
Regarding a new meetup: just open one and you'll see the people will jump on the waggon.

It's a somewhat humorous situation: many want to have it but must of them don't touch it. :slight_smile:

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Ok, but first, I'll talk to my employer.

Just to confirm: I'll be there! Possibly even on time.

Feel free to ask me to talk about stuff I've done in Rust and/or nag me to finally continue working on that stuff :slight_smile:

I'd be nice to meet you there, @llogiq! (Skype counts as meeting.)

Hi killercup,

That's great! You could, if you like, talk about some of your projects. This meetup is more or less an "introduction" and I suppose many of us are Rust-beginners. :slight_smile:

You could open a thread in our meetup forum.