Meet Kenny: A KenKen puzzle generator and solver

This has been my pet Rust project for a long time and it is finally ready to share! If you didn't know, KenKen is like Sudoku with a twist (and more fun IMO). I would love to hear any feedback or questions. Hacking away at this has given me endless opportunities to learn more about the Rust language.

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I’m unhappy with the error message I got before I realized I needed a directory called “output”. It just said

Error: Path does not exist:

not even giving me the path it is complaining about.

That's not good. Looks like I'm suffering from this issue. I'll look for a fix. Thanks for trying it!

Edit: Fixed!

I find those 1x1 squares a bit weird looking, your generated puzzles contain quite a few of those, and sure enough comparing with the Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection version, that one seems to avoid them entirely.

They are not avoided at That could fall under the future goal of "Specify operators to be used in the puzzle". But if they are too prevalent, maybe the generation logic should be tweaked.

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