Meaning of compile passes: item_bodies_checking/type_check_crate

I have project where simple change leads to very slow re-compilation even in debug mode.
In particular faulty passes are following:

time:   7.271; rss:  292MB ->  341MB (  +48MB)  item_bodies_checking
time:   7.945; rss:  205MB ->  341MB ( +136MB)  type_check_crate

Generally size of change doesn't matter to these passes (well they are still relatively small 1/2 files changes)

While I can guess what is type_check_crate I'm not really sure about item_bodies_checking
Do I understand correctly that Rust always re-checks fully all items within crate?
I would appreciate if someone could point to documentation or something to explain every pass within -Z time-passes option

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