Matching Numbers in R

Good Day

I want to do something not too complicated in my terms, cause I have two files with store turnovers and I want to match the turnovers partially for instance if one store has a turnover of 112 and the other has a turnover of 115 then these should be matched, not sure how I go about doing this if there are any ideas please share I would highly appreciate this

Thanks in advance!

It all depends on the files themselves and what form their contents are in. Are you just wanting to look for the digits 112 and/or 115 in the file?

If so, the Rust Cookbook has an example of reading lines from a file and strings have a contains() method to see whether one string occurs within another.

Hi Michael, no actually the store turnovers vary from small to extremely big numbers hence making it difficult to actually match correctly.

Thanks for the help

If you can show us an example of the file contents and point out the particular bits you want then it’s not hard to do.

The standard solution for searching a body of text for a specific pattern is to use regular expressions and the regex crate has proven itself to be a very high quality library.


The image attached shows the two files file one with two store and file 2 with two stores as well and now we need to match similar stores based on the ACV regardless of the period or shopid.

see store one in file 1 has a similar acv turnover as store one in file 2, hence these should be matched the same goes for store 2 in file 1 and store 2 in file 2.

Hope this all makes perfect sense now.