Mapping GPS coordinates to a location or approx address?

Hello everyone

I am learning Rust and first application I am working on is to convert set of GPS coordinates into a name of the location (or approximate address).

I have a set of .JPG photos taken on my Android phone which do record in EXIF protocol the date-time when the photo was taken and the GPS details.
I use Rust rexif crate to read the EXIF details which give me the GPS latitude and longitude.

Next I want to use the GPS coordinates and to convert them into a human readable location name (such as "Louvre, Paris, France" or "5th Avenue, New York City, USA" etc).

Is there a Rust crate and/or crate for a web service/REST API etc where I can provide it the GPS coordinates and receive as output the address or a location corresponding to them?

The Rust app will primarily run on Windows 10 64-bit (initially) but if easy/possible I may try to port it to run on Linux and on Android phone. My first priority is to get it working in Rust idiomatic way on Windows 10.

thank you in advance

To my surprise, there are some Rust libraries for this:

And if not these, then probably just pick any HTTP client and use a web service.

thank you! I will have a look now!

if I went the HTTP client/web service way (now or in future) then what Rust crates would you then recommend?

Thank you once again.

I use which is easy to use. If you want to use the new async/await, then there's

thank you!

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