Manually drop MutexGuard still raise `Future is not Send' error

I have this code: Rust Playground

async fn foo() {

fn test() -> impl std::future::Future<Output = ()> + Send {
    let a = 1u32;
    let mtx = std::sync::Mutex::new(a);
    async move {
        let g = mtx.lock().unwrap();
        if a > 0 {
            drop(g); // manually drop MutexGuard here

fn main() {
    println!("Hello, world!");

I know MutexGuard can not cross await, but when drop it manually, compiler still raise error

Compiling playground v0.0.1 (/playground)
error: future cannot be sent between threads safely
  --> src/
5  | fn test() -> impl std::future::Future<Output = ()> + Send {
   |              ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ future created by async block is not `Send`
   = help: within `impl Future<Output = [async output]>`, the trait `Send` is not implemented for `MutexGuard<'_, u32>`
note: future is not `Send` as this value is used across an await
  --> src/
10 |         let g = mtx.lock().unwrap();
   |             - has type `MutexGuard<'_, u32>` which is not `Send`
13 |             foo().await;    
   |             ^^^^^^^^^^^ await occurs here, with `g` maybe used later
14 |         }
15 |     }
   |     - `g` is later dropped here

it says g is later dropped at end of block, but in fact it has been dropped before await point.
Is this a compiler problem?

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The compiler is just too stupid to accept it.

There has to be an actual scope before it will accept it.

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Is there an improvement plan for this issue?

This is the canonical issue:

And here is the issue tackling it (and other instances of "the compiler being stupid in that regard" being problematic):


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