Make Back-end for android application with rust

Hey guys,
I'm a newbie to rust and I wanna start learning this language with making my own project.
I wanna make some project similar to Spotify that can play mp3 and mp4.
(why I choice rust when I can do this with Golang or java or ... because I love this lang and I think with this lang I don't need to another language)

this project in a start is just for my learning in rust and then become a live service with a site and Android app that backed with rust. so I need to use any framework for web or with a pure code of rust I can handle it (I prefer using a pure code with rust with no framework) ?! and for feature when project become bigger and have some many user witch database is good with rust (SQL r NoSQL and witch one)
this all was a brief Description what I must do to you guys that can help me better :slight_smile:
Thanks for giving me guidance

If this is something that you don't need up and running right away I would suggest working with the actix_web project. You will learn a lot about Futures, Error handling, and it's something that starts of quickly.

thanks for reply scull7,
why Actix!? and why not rocket or another framework?!

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Actix introduces you to more of the fundamentals of rust and has less magic (in the form of macros) than Rocket which, in my opinion, is important while learning the language. Also, it's a generally useful framework.

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