Make a u64 range

How can I make a range from 0 to u64::MAX and assign it to a variable like it's done for u32

let n in 0 .. u32::MAX

Then pass n to a function in a loop.

0..u64::max will work, Range accepts any type. Are you sure you want to though? u64::MAX is 18,446,744,073,709,551,615 (18.446 quintillion), which would take quite a long time to iterate over

error message

expected u32, found u64

Ah, sorry, didn't look at the linked code closely enough.
It seems the issue is that the Vec expects u32, so instead of Vec::<u32>::new(), try Vec::<u64>::new(), or Vec::new() and let the compiler figure it out.

(but a Vec of length u64::MAX certainly won't work)

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