MacOS Sierra installation issues

Trying to install rust and bumping into problems.


curl -L https :// | sh

I'm getting this (I placed an empty space after https because I'm not allowed of posting hyperlinks)

ustup: gpg available. signatures will be verified
rustup: downloading manifest for 'stable'
rustup: command failed: curl -s -f -O https ://
rustup: couldn't download checksum file 'https ://'

and when running

curl -O https ://

I'm getting

curl: (35) Server aborted the SSL handshake

I wonder where is the problem (MacOS Sierra 10.12.2). If I download the same file using i.e. Firefox it just works. But not when using Safari.
So, it looks like a problem trusting the certificate or compatibility. Anybody else?

Not sure about fixing your problem directly, but you could try, which is now the official way to install: Install Rust - Rust Programming Language

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I second the motion. I used on two different Macs last week (both running up-to-date Sierra) without any problem.

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