Lua sandbox in Rust

I would like to run Lua scripts in a sandbox from Rust. I am generally aware of certain risks/caveats regarding Lua sandboxing, such as

  • binary chunks crashing the interpreter,
  • modifying metatables of Strings or other built-in types to break out of sandboxes,
  • malicious code consuming huge amounts of memory or execution time,
  • problems with memory leaks and longjmps, etc.

That said, I wonder if I should just write my own wrapper for the Lua C API or use one of the existing crates. If I use an existing crate, I'd likely want one that provides a safe interface. I've seen several crates around:

  • rlua
  • mlua (apparently fork of rlua)
  • rust-lua53 (not on
  • mond (only one release, apparently forked 4 years ago from rust-lua53)

Does anyone have experience with Lua embedding in Rust or with any of these crates? Any recommendations you can give?

I decided (for now) to write a crate on my own. If you're interested in some of the problems I'm facing, see this post where I explain some of the tricky parts regarding Lua and sandboxing.

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