LSP Output not updating in Neovim


I recently decided try Neovim for writing rust, and I'm using sharksforarms' wonderful guide to help me get started. I can get all the nice LSP features like inlay hints and suggestions and error messages.

For example, if I type vec.iter(). it'll suggest map and filter right away.

There's one problem though, which is that everytime I want the output (not suggestions, things like error messages and lints and inlay hints) to update, I have to manually write my changes to the buffer using :w. Is there a way to make the LSP "hot-reload" the output upon changes?

To make debugging easier, I'm using the exact configuration here neovim-rust/neovim-init-lsp-cmp-rust-tools.vim at master · sharksforarms/neovim-rust · GitHub.

Thank you for your help!

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I am facing the same issue. Thanks for creating a issue on GitHub.
GitHub issue for ref Question about updating LSP output · Issue #23 · sharksforarms/neovim-rust · GitHub

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