Love to the Rust community ❤

Hi all,

I have been checking this community for about a year now, and I cannot stress enough how welcoming and helpful this community is. I have barely been active myself, but I do read most threads on a daily basis. Every day I read all kinds of posts: early beginner stuff, high-level topics, and things that have been discussed over and over again.

I have observed how members post with all kinds of different attitudes: humble beginners asking for information that one could find with a simple Google search or in the first chapters of the book, users of other languages mocking, denouncing or challenging the design or the Rust language, and entitled people that feel that the Rust community is obligated to answer every question they might have.

In every case there were people that address their points in the most respectful and friendly way, going incredible lengths to answer their questions or help them with their problems in a level of depth that people wouldn't expect. I know that in some cases I wouldn't be able to.

For these and many more reasons, I want to give a huge shout out to all the regulars here that make this community as great as it is. I won't name/tag them, but you know who you are :slight_smile:

I wish there was more acknowledgment and in general more displays of gratitude here, which are infinitely deserved. Lots of love to everybody and if you're ever around in Berlin I'd love to have a drink with you peeps :beers:.


Hey, great words, thanks. I’m from Falkensee btw, so as close to Berlin as it can get :slight_smile: - may be we find others near by and organize a “Rust Stammtisch” one day? (Keeping an eye on Corona)


Big love to all <3

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I'm from Copenhagen, so it is not inconceivable that I might go to Berlin at some point!


Hello @andresovela! I am deeply honored you have been noticing and paying attention to my spamming of the forum :smiley: :rofl: !
I will not disappoint and promise the floods of ignorant questions will keep coming.
Just kidding, it was a very cute message and I really feel this community is absolutely wonderful and has assisted me greatly :orange_heart: :love_letter:.


@2ndTaleStudio I would be interested in a Rust stammtisch, absolutely!

@Alice It'd be great to meet up then! I always look up to all the Rust grand masters :stuck_out_tongue:

@Daja Keep the questions coming, saves me from asking them myself haha :wink:


Aww :purple_heart:

Very nice post @andresovela and I agree with what you wrote. Compare to other communities, I feel that Rust users express more empathy and have a stronger collaboration spirit. That has been my perception of the open-source community.

A special thanks to @alice for all the help!


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