Lots of crate name taken by an user, but all of them are just placeholder

I found that the name I wanted to use is taken by https://crates.io/users/swmon and he said WIP. Contact me if you want to use this name! but there's no way to contact him.

What should I do?

Contacting someone from China will be hard. You can try reporting the user to the crates.io team. Maybe, they're willing to help. Reserving 104 buzzword names seems like bot usage to me and that's probably not allowed.

crates.io doesn't have an established way of dealing with "squatters" like swmon. Here's the most recent thread from IRLO discussing possible squatting policies:

Note that swmon is well-known in this context already, so unfortunately I don't think contacting the crates.io team will accomplish anything.


Don't contact the team — they won't do anything. This is, for better or worse, currently allowed.

Note that generally the crates.io team will help connect you with a user if their email isn't public. For this specific user, their account predates the requirement to have an email on hand.

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