Looks like many crates are already dead?

I am looking for a native rust algebra library, ndarrary and nalgebra looked like the community's choices. But they didn't update for a long time already. Am I following the wrong track?

Or is there any new promising projects coming up to replace those? Thanks.

Ndarray was updated 4 months ago, which is less time than its recently-typical release cycle (about half a year). The latest commit in its GitHub repo was 15 hours ago. That certainly doesn't look like a dead project. Nalgebra was updated 12 days ago, so that's not dead, either. Where did you get the idea that they are abandoned?


from github, 4 month is a long cycle for a under 1.0 version project, isn't it?

The latest commit was 15 hours ago, not 4 months ago. What was 4 months ago is the latest release to crates.io. Not all changes (commits) to a crate get published immediately to crates.io.


oh, i see, good to know that! lol

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lib.rs detects dying crates and includes it in its ranking. nalgebra looks fine — it's usage is significant and growing.


No, it isn't.