Looking for students to help build GCC-Rust as part of GSoC 2021

GNU Compiler Collection (GCC), is looking for students who would help build its Rust front-end and get paid for it under the Google Summer of Code (GSoC)program.

The Google Summer of Code is opened to students accepted into a post-secondary academic program which, once accepted, will work on projects which are supposed to take approximately 175 hours over 10-week coding period in June, July and August. If they successfully complete it, Google will pay them a stipend ranging from USD 1500 to USD 3300 depending on where they live. More information on the program is at its official site: https://summerofcode.withgoogle.com/

GNU Compiler Collection has applied as a mentoring organization and we are especially looking for students willing to take up projects on our upcoming Rust front-end. If interested, please look at our page for interested students: SummerOfCode - GCC Wiki

You will find two specific Rust ideas for a GSoC project (improving debugging experience and enhancing dead code analysis) on the page but we are always opened to consider those that students come up with themselves. The compiler, including the Rust front-end, is written in C/C++ and the work is likely to be challenging but rewarding beyond just the stipend.

Please consider applying if you are a student. We will be also very grateful if you can help us to spread the word about this opportunity so that it reaches more potential participants.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the entire GCC community by posting an email to our mailing list gcc@gcc.gnu.org (and put “GSoC” to the subject somewhere). If you prefer to ask just me, I’ll also be glad to answer any questions sent to mjambor@suse.cz.


Consider posting in the internals forum too! I think a lot of students interested in compilers are likely to be reading that one more than this one.

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Just a quick update: GCC has been accepted as a GSoC mentoring organization and so if you happen to be a student who would like to participate in GCC Rust development and get paid for it, please apply. (The deadline is April 13th but it is better to start early.) Thanks!


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