Looking for RUST language developers


Who are we: The MaidSafe team is building a network, to be known as the Safe Network, that completely encrypts all communications before they leave your computer and then splits the encrypted information up into small fragments and spreads them around so that they can only be recovered and decrypted by the intended recipient(s). The network itself is fully decentralized and distributed among the computers that use it so that there is no central point to attack or censor. Users of the network will earn credits known as Safe Coins just by participating in the network, and will pay for resources and services with the same Safe Coins which will be tradable with other crypto currencies like Bitcoin, and eventually with dollars and other nationally issued currencies. Not only will the Safe Network be massively secure, but because of the structure of the network it is likely to be blindingly fast and will only get faster as more users use its resources. While the Safe Network is still in development, a lot of work has been done and we are now in the later stages, with launch later this year highly likely.

What we need: MaidSafe is building the Safe Network for everyone, for the whole planet, to ensure that future generations can enjoy the fundamental freedoms of thought, assembly and expression that those of us in the developed world, (for the moment at least), take for granted. Like the original Internet, the Safe Network will need useful applications to fulfill its charter and the focus of our community is to bring together and provide services to developers and others who can help build these new applications. We believe that the Safe Network could rival the Web in the opportunities it creates and Melbourne has the perfect environment to nurture and promote this new developer community.