Looking for open source web3 projects to contribute to

Hi, I want to dive deeper in the Rust language and was thinking about contributing to some open source projects in the area of blockchain / web3.
Are there any projects which could be a good starting point for me?

I don't mean to be rude. I do wonder why there are so many people who when starting out immediately want to start contributing to some opens source project. Surely the last thing most projects need is an influx of contributions from those not yet skilled in the arts.

I think it might be a good idea to find a piece of open source software that you use and really like, or have to use for whatever reason and see if it has any open issues that someone new to the project and the language could tackle. Something one is passionate about or has a vested interest in it working correctly or gaining new features.

Do you really have such a passion for "blockchain" or "web3" ? If so there is likely some such software you are using already. If not, what is the point exactly?

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If you don't mean to be rude don't be!

I like to work on actual projects to learn, that is why I asked.
Yes, I have "that much passion" for blockchain but am coming from other languages.

I am asking for starting points, places to connect with and start learning, also contribute.

When I ask google about "GitHub blockchain projects" I get thousands of responses. I guess raking through those would find something that appeals to you. There will be a lot of open issues to look at and find a starting point.


check onlydust and dework