Looking for hackers for Hackathon

Hi guys!

Was researching the field to do something interesting and found the Hakathon that piqued my curiosity - https://varathon.io/. I got curious because it allows to utilize Actor Model & Persistent Memory approaches for web3 development, which is a unique approach and I see a great potential to build. I have an interest to enroll and wondering if there is anyone

If you have experience with applying Rust for smart-contract development - I encourage you to enroll in https://varathon.io/ and let me know and maybe we could make a team!

Anyway, have a good one guys

Hey Man! Wanna team up for Varathon?
I'm working on a Web3 App Project using Hedera Hashgraph at the moment.

Hey man! I just saw your reply, my apologies. I'm unavailable already because I enrolled in another team, but the guys on the team helped me out to find a proper team. So hop in, and when you apply choose "looking for team" - they'll reach our to you and connect you with potential teammates. Ask me if anything

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