Looking for freelancer for Tauri project


I’m looking for a rust freelancer for a Tauri based application. Tauri experience is nice, but not required. Apologize, but this was the best category I could find for this.

The project (rough outline) is a desktop Tauri app which does local data processing and a React UI. This first part is only concerned with Rust side:

  1. Setup Tauri manually with the most secure settings (Isolation pattern, etc)
  2. Setup base API routes to create “projects”
    1. (Projects are really just SQLite databases on your local file system (I’ll happily accept input on other project-file formats I can use, was looking into zip as well)
    2. SQL models (Diesel probably)
    3. Routes that are accessibly by TS (React):
      1. Create project (point to directory and filename)
      2. Open project (and run migration)
  3. Setup a GraphQL (rust-graphql for example) that the front-end TS (React) can query with data from the SQLite database defined above
    1. Any smart typing support between GraphQL and the TypeScript would also be appreciated, like generating Typescript types based on the SQLite database or similar.
  4. Ability for JS to call the GraphQL server via Tauri

If everything goes well there will probably be more stuff to do as well.

Feel free to email me on niklas.bivald@lightfinder.com if you are interested :slight_smile:

Excuse the aside, but I wonder how much of a current or potential market there is for Tauri app-making, especially with mobile support in the offing (currently alpha I believe). I just ask here as you presumably have done some research around this.

Many people (it seems) would like to write Rust professionally, but jobs are still largely in crypto and other startup-oriented fields that don't suit everyone, for many reasons. Small freelance jobs aren't for everyone either, but they do tend to snowball for those that prove dependable doing them. Picking up freelance iOS & Android contracts was how I got back into dev after a long lapse some years ago (despite knowing relatively little about either).

Is it possible for you to say without revealing too much why you decided on Tauri/Rust for your project (eg. was this your requirement or your clients' if there is one), and/or how much commercial activity you've seen using this kind of tech?

Of course :slight_smile: in my case I need a Desktop app with a focus on security and stable memory usage. The customers (businesses) will be running on laptops with 8GB ram but need to process large data sets that can’t leave the local computer. The data is too large for mobile so that being alpha doesn’t bother me, I won’t be using it anytime soon.

Don’t see the market as very large (although that will hopefully improve). We use MacBooks for development so cross-platform is a bonus. Also, we come from Linux development so Rust is closer to us :slight_smile:

Biggest downside is finding developers in Rust. Kind of hoping that will become easier in the coming years. That said, there are many people who would like to write in rust professionally. But hiring none rust developers and teaching them rust is a much bigger task than say hiring a Java developer to write Python.

Another concern is speed when iterating, you want to be able to move fast in certain parts and do proof of concepts (which you may end up throwing away)


OK thanks. I was considering using Tauri to add a GUI to a Rust cli app of mine. I'm a little offput by the added complexity of having a js/ts layer, as opposed to something like egui or iced. But Tauri does seem to have momentum. Maybe I'll dive in and try a POC next week.

I guess the js/ts layer makes things a little more complex for a team also - in effect you need 'full stack' devs (sorry, horrible term, but it's what's in use). From my limited experience with React Native and other things, I know if I were building a Tauri app, I'd try to keep the UI layer as thin and simple as possible, and push everything possible into a nice tight Rust library. I wonder if there are any good open source examples out there with decent models to follow?

True, though doesn't most of the fast iteration in most apps tend to be in the UI layer? I'm not wild about React (or js/ts in general), in part probably because I've never done enough web dev to be truly fluent, but it is quite well suited to quickly iterating.

Good luck finding the freelancer you need.

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