Looking for feedback on program design and notes

I am interested in any feedback regarding a series of blog posts that describe the structure of a program that I am developing as a learning project with rust, but which could actually have some value under Windows Subsystem for Linux, as well as any feedback regarding the code itself, including suggestions for documentation, making the code appear more consistent with typical rust patterns, and otherwise.

GitHub - deliverystack/wink: wink rust command line tool to access Windows applications and features from cmd.exe and WSL bash.exe shells

I have some meta feedback for you:

  • the previous / next post links are hard to find below the the share on social media / related post links, which isn't really ideal for an 8 part blog series
  • I'd try to get some syntax highlighting to make the code more readable. Personally I also like wrapping any inline code in inline code tags to improve readability.
  • Some of your posts contain very long code blocks which can seem a bit daunting.

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