Looking for experienced developer

I joined a web project which is initially created using vuejs, nodejs, expressjs, mongodb, socketIO. Complete project is done in JavaScript. The vision of the project is huge but not much has implemented yet! So many bug fixes and updates.
I am interested in rust and learnt the basics from the official doc. So I suggested to use Rust in the backend. Actix-web framework looks very mature and production ready to me. And use typescript with vue3 in the frontend.
Almost half of the project is done using JavaScript. But causes unexpected bugs often. I fear if I continue adding more features on it, I might run into more bugs and eventually run into mess.
Right now I'm the only developer. So he (the project owner) told me to find an experienced developer who can join the project and/or guide us.

Any help is appreciated🙏

I think you are on the right road. Our little company was in the same situation, everything in node.js using Express and SocketIO etc. Two years later everything is Rust. From the remote embedded systems providing sensor data, to our back end services to the Web server (Rocket as it happens) etc. All has been running very reliably and we have far more confidence in not breaking things as the system evolves.

I'm not in a position to help you out, but all the best with the project.


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