Looking for database

Not so long ago, I read a blog post about the process and challenges of creating a database using rust. This particular database had the notable feature of using a type of event-sourcing method to automatically update all the views of each query ever made in the past, every time the underlying data is updated.
Since the read-queries are automatically updated, the database provides very fast reads. I tucked it away in memory, thinking I could google it if I ever wanted to use it ... well the day has come but I can't remember the name of the project and google isn't helping.
Can anyone here suggest what that database may have been?

Maybe Naiad which is built on timely-dataflow

I think you are talking about Noria, the PhD project of Rust YouTuber and live coder Jon Gjengset. Here is his PhD thesis and defense on the subject, and here is the GitHub repo of Noria.


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