Looking for Comic Exploring some Considerations of Chat Applications

I am doing some background research in preparation for building a niche chat application in Rust (which I have been absolutely loving).

Some time ago I came across a comic that explored some considerations for chat applications and I have been having trouble relocating it. I am sure anyone who has seen it will remember it. Let me know if any of this rings a bell.

Some details I remember:

  • It was quite long, several pages.
  • It was well polished both aesthetically and in the concepts it explored and how they were explored.
  • One topic it covered was the flow of conversation over time and its implication on the layout of the UI and the way the conversation is displayed (such as replying to a particular message).
  • A good bit of the message bubbles were blue pink (maybe with gradients).
  • I believe it was created by an individual who hadn't yet built a platform based on their ideas (respondents were urging them to make something and expressing eagerness).

Otherwise if other resources on the subject come to mind I'd love to check those out as well.


Someone helped me find it, here it is in case anyone else might benefit:

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