Looking for a Rust training in France: any hint?


Hi !

It’s been a long time since I’ve started to try and learn rust on my spare time, but it’s not really working.
I am now looking for some good training, in France, so that I can ask my employer to send me there.
Rust being still a bit new, I have a hard time finding anything, so I’m now asking this community for help (the french part, in particular :)). If you know someone or a company providing this kind of training, please let me know !

Thanks for any help/hint !


Hi Marc,

I offer open trainings in Germany, from time to time, usually at http://linuxhotel.de (German and English).

The biggest problem with open trainings is that they are a lot more overhead then the usual, especially in advertising, securing a venue, etc, which I currently just can’t handle.