Long string with macro with rustfmt


Does rustfmt work with long string literals used with macros (e.g. format!) ? The example shows that it does not, i.e. no effect at all . Is that expected?

fn print_long_string(s: String) -> usize {
    println!("my string: {}", &s);

fn main() {
    let length = print_long_string(format!("This is a long string test for Rust, with field 1 {} field 2 {} field 3 {} field 4 {} field 5 {} field 6 {}", 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6));
    println!("length: {}", length);

Here is the playground link.

Rustfmt seems not reformat the long line in the above code. I found this old issue closed, but not sure what to expect now (Rust 1.50).

I looked at your Playground example. It seemed to work as I would expect. What is the output you were expecting?

I was expecting Rustfmt from "TOOLS" menu would reformat the long line, at least change the format! arguments to a different line.

I don't know that being a macro has anything to do with it.

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you're right, seems not specific to macros. That said, is this expected behavior from rustfmt?