Logging in production on windows-based servers

Hi there,

Our deployment environment is pretty constrained: typically windows server(s) behind a firewall with no internet access. No access to cloud services and everything must be inhouse.

In JVM world I use logback and I've settled on log4rs, which provides similar critical features:

  • multiple appenders with different levels
  • log file rotation
  • reloadable config at runtime

BUT it means I can't use the excellent tracing ecosystem, which is a big penalty, but I can't find anything which offers the same feature set and supports tracing.

What do you all do in this situation? Do you run a third party onsite logging service (which one please), do you use a crate which offers the above which I've overlooked?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Why can't you use tracing and the tracing_appender crate for file rotation?

that does the file rotation but not the other necessary stuff (reloadable config from a config file) unfortunately.

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