Location of the sqlite database file

axum-login = "0.9.0"
cargo build
cargo run
everything works fine..
I can edit the database through the migration file..
but I do not know in what form and where it is the file (.db)..
I tried adding
const DB_URL: &str= "sqlite://sqlite.db";
error in output (file was not found)

impl App {
    pub async fn new() -> Result<Self, Box<dyn std::error::Error>> {
        let db = SqlitePool::connect(":memory:").await?;

        Ok(Self { db })

That means you're not using the file at all, you're using the in-memory representation.


if (SqlitePool::connect(":memory:")):
in fact: previous (cargo build) demolish clean = (cargo clean)
and new (cargo build) url str...
in python "sqlite+aiosqlite:///./db.sqlite3/" and rust .. ?

I have no idea what you are trying to say there and little about Sqlite but if I type "SqlitePool::connect( Rust" into google it soon finds a lot of tutorials and examples of how to do it with a file. For example:

let db_url = String::from("sqlite://sqlite.db");
    if !Sqlite::database_exists(&db_url).await.unwrap_or(false) {
        match cretea_schema(&db_url).await {
            Ok(_) => println!("Database created Sucessfully"),
            Err(e) => panic!("{}",e),
    let instances = SqlitePool::connect(&db_url).await.unwrap();
    let qry ="INSERT INTO settings (description) VALUES($1)";
    let result = sqlx::query(&qry).bind("testing").execute(&instances).await;

I've already seen all this and more..

Ah, good. Please do tell what exactly is the problem then?


after editing from (memory) to (url), build was infinite, still missed the wildcard (&).. I cleaned it up, started build from scratch and that's it.. Casuistry..

Ah, OK, got you. That is great.

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