List of 'nano-diff' style Rust tutorials?

Hecto: Build your own text editor in Rust – Philipp Flenker – Engineering Manager linked from
Rust, tui, mini-vi/mini-emacs? - #2 by mbrubeck
is perhaps my favorite Rust tutorial ever.


I am a big fan of the "nano-diff" style of showing how to write a program through lots of small changes.

Is there a list of Rust tutorials written in 'nano-diff' styles ?

Are there other Rust tutorials written in 'nano-diff' style ?


Edit: In case not clear from question; I don't care about the topic of the tutorial. As long as it's 'write something in Rust using nano-diff style', I'm interested.

Would live-coding videos count as nano-diff? :smiley:

When I was starting with Rust I learnt a lot by watching some of Jon's monster (length-wise) videos: The most useful bit was listening and learning how to think like a Rust developer.


I think live coding is great; and I certainly welcome people post their favorite live coding videos here as well.

That said, I personally find it easier to study from "nano-diff" text for the following reasons:

  1. I can work at my own pace: I often read the red-green code diff, figure out what is going on, and skip the English paragraphs of text -- jumping to the next diff. Unless the videos are time stamped, I can't "jump to next diff" -- I'm forced to go linearly in the way the streamer presents the material.

  2. With screen casts, I often find it difficult to see the code -- I can't scroll up/down or jump to file, I can only scroll forward/backward in time, and hope the time stamp matches with the part of the code I want to see.

  3. I can't listen to music while listening to live coding session. :slight_smile:

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