Linux + wasm32 audio?

I'm a big fan of which does Linux + wasm WebGL (probably other platforms too.)

I checked for a cross platform sound library -- something that would work on both wasm32 (via web audio?) and native (sdl2, ... ?)

Does anyone (1) know of such a library of (2) know of the audio equiv of "OpenGL/WebGL" to google for? might help

It's interesting that emscripten has OpenAL:

For reason I can no longer recall, I currently use the wasm32-unknown-unknown target instead of emscripten.

If there is a way to get wasm32-unknown-unknown to also get OpenAL support, that would suffice.

Anything available in JavaScript can be used in wasm32-unknown-unknown you just have to write the glue code yourself. Emscripten just writes the glue code for you (and std knows how to use it which it doesn't in unknown) so it's a lot easier to use.

The here's the MDN's documentation on the Web Audio API.

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