Linux: vsc: rust-analyzer?: "cargo check" run on every change

I'm writing software on a *VPS, so memory is tight. I end up having to bring down rust-analyzer-linux and node about every hour... This is preceded by closing vsc, because it can't handle restarting Remote SSH without reconnecting and that's worse than exiting.

That said, it's troubling that after every key-press I need to stop and wait for cargo check to complete... Takes about 30 seconds. This development environment is completely unusable.

Here is my project, not that it's particularity special. Though it's mixed x86-64/wam32, but I test build everything as x86-64.

  • There are a few other low memory environments I can think where debugging rust applications with the "Remote - SSH" vsc extension would be useful.
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Honestly, the current state of the RA is really RAM-hungry. It holds all the state it knows into the memory, people reported it takes few gigabytes of it on large project. I believe things will be improved over time, but the RA would not be the best choice for such limited environment for now.

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You can either disable auto-save ("cargo check" only runs when you save) or you can use "rust-analyzer.checkOnSave.enable": false, in the vscode settings to disable cargo check completely.


Completely is a bit much. Once every 30 seconds should be fine.... Also if cargo check wouldn't hold up *beautification, thought that's likely a feature of oom.

  • I get a msg box sometimes lasting longer than a minute.

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