Linux OpenGL bindings: glium?

I have a Rust/wasm32/WebGL codebase that I need to port over to also run on the desktop (Fedora Linux + OpenGL).

On, the most popular library, by a factor of > 100x, is

However, Glium post-mortem (for many great and valid reasons) seems to suggest that glium is no longer actively maintained.

On the other hand, shows glium of having been updated in the past 9 days.


(1) is glium still actively maintined / the Rust/OpenGL bindings to use?

(2) if not, what is suggested, all I really need is just raw OpenGL calls, as I'm converting over from WebGL.

From the github repo readme:

Glium is no longer actively developed by its original author. That said, PRs are still welcome and maintenance is continued by the surrounding community.

I'm afraid I cannot help with the second question.

glow provides a minimal (unsafe) wrapper around OpenGL and WebGL.


glow is awesome. can't believe someone took the time to "unify" all 4 systems. thanks!


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