Linker arguments not being passed to MSVC

I am trying to increase the stack size of my program using linker arguments and am finding that they're not being passed. I've tried both the RUSTFLAGS environment variable and the .cargo/config file. I am using MSVC.


build.rustflags = [
    "-Clink-arg=/F 100000000"

I have also tried (invalid):

build.rustflags = [

While I don't have a conclusive way to check if stack size has increased, ~100MB is far higher than the 1MB default so I'd expect to be able to run code that uses 20% more stack memory. The last example is also invalid and should fail the build. I have also guaranteed that cargo is reading these rust flags by using an invalid flag '-not_real' instead of '-Clink-arg' and it did fail.

As I understand it, /F is a argument to the MSVC compiler, not the linker. Do you want to use /STACK:something?

If the configuration file doesn't work, I've used a build script to pass options to the linker. This would look something like:

fn main() {

in a file called in the same directory as the Cargo.toml.

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