Lifetime issues with Stream and async traits

Hello there!
I'm having some issues with a recent project of mine.

Here's the intro: I got a Data object and I want to generate an "infinite" Stream for it. This stream is generated by a Calculator object (which returns the impl Stream<Data>) and applies a Filter logic over it before returning the Stream.

This Filter is reaching out to external sources (e.g. webservices), thus the signature is similar to:

fn filter(&self, data: &Data) -> BoxFuture<Result<bool, SomeError>>;

I've recreated this example in the Playground:

Two problems I'm having:

  1. Lifetimes: for some reason, I can't call the Filter::filter function from the Calculator due to some lifetime mismatches (I guess due to filter using &Data).
  2. Early stop: is there a way to bubble-up the Err from the Filter to the Calculator caller? Ideally, I'd like for the whole operation to fail if Filter has failed.

Many thanks :smiley:

Is there a reason you are taking Data by ref but have Copy derived for it? I'm not sure if that's just a consequence of the simplification of the problem, but its a bit odd. The nice thing about Copy is that you can pass by value without worrying about ownership, but is really only practical for small structs that don't require ownership.

Here's a version of your problem that compiles. I switched filter to filter_map which lets you return a stream of Result<Data,()>, which is probably what you want to answer your second questions. When processing the iterator, you can just stop the iterator at the first error result. (This is what .collect() does for example). I also switched it to pass by value for filter_map though which simplified the lifetime situation which sort of side steps question 1, but is what I would do if I have a struct that implements Copy. Without a bit of clarity on requirements of Data though, this may not be feasible.

Playground Link

It just dawned on me that filter(..) takes the item by reference which is why you had references in there. In which case, I'm assuming the struct is small and derives Copy, so I think the playground link is a good way forward.

For completeness, here's a version using filter that fixes the lifetime issues. The error message wrt lifetimes was related to the async {} closure. This version fixes it by avoiding the closure altogether. I can't say I fully understand it, but I believe its something to do with the closure requiring the borrow of Data to survive across the .await and the compiler being unable to determine the lifetime of the anonymous closure.

Playground Link

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