Libreal, a utility library

Libreal is a utility library which, unlike std, not aborts on allocational failure. So far (0.4.0) it has growable arrays (i.e. Vec) and n-ary heaps (including heap ops on slices and growable heaps on Vec). I'm working on B-trees now. Noteworthily it lacks hash tables, which i hope to add soon.

Happy hacking! :relaxed:

That's one of the things I dislike the most in the std. On operations that are not critical, it panics.
Out-of-space is more of an issue of course.

Seems really cool, hope you can get more and more of the stdlib in here.

However, why do you use camelCase? IT is 100% not the norm for Rust code, and it would probably be better to use snake_case.

Habit, coming from Haskell...

I'll change it.

EDIT: done

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Awesome, this seems really cool, I'll have to have a closer look soon!

Version 0.6.1, now with B-trees