Library only cargo install does not install library only

I have a RUST cargo that builds a LD_PRELOAD library.
Most of its fuctionality is in the that it produces.

cargo install --root /x/y/z --path ./

doesn't install the library ?

cargo build is complete, but the install fails

    Finished dev [unoptimized + debuginfo] target(s) in 22.21s
bash-4.4$ cargo install --path ./ --root /ws/sarvi-sjc/localroot
error: no packages found with binaries or examples
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cargo install is designed only for binaries/examples, so you can't use it for this

This thread from yesterday has some suggestions for projects that require more than cargo install offers:

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Is any of this in production. The only way I am seeing now is installing the files maually or using my own install scripts. Am I missing something.

This seems pretty basic that is missing.
Was rust never designed to build shared libraries ?

Yeah, cargo install is a bare-bones utility, designed mainly for installing simple development tools or self-contained utilities. It can't replace the full-featured packaging and installation systems already built in to most operating systems. Application developers should typically use Cargo to build their Rust code, not to distribute or install it.

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