Library documentation

First of all I think the subject I selected may be wrong because I'm not sure how this is called!

What I'm looking is something similar to the below, I'm using a rust library with ATOM IDE, when I hover at any function name, I get a dialog showing:

  • Function Signature,
  • Explanation about the function
  • Example paragraph
  • Failure paragraph

How can I make same for the library I'm writing?

I figured it out from the library git.
It is using /// abive the function, and using # for titles required in bold, for the function I’m using above, below is what I got:

    /// Convenience method to prepare and execute a single SQL statement.
    /// On success, returns the number of rows that were changed or inserted or
    /// deleted (via `sqlite3_changes`).
    /// ## Example
    /// ```rust,no_run
    /// # use rusqlite::{Connection};
    /// fn update_rows(conn: &Connection) {
    ///     match conn.execute("UPDATE foo SET bar = 'baz' WHERE qux = ?", &[1i32]) {
    ///         Ok(updated) => println!("{} rows were updated", updated),
    ///         Err(err) => println!("update failed: {}", err),
    ///     }
    /// }
    /// ```
    /// # Failure
    /// Will return `Err` if `sql` cannot be converted to a C-compatible string
    /// or if the underlying SQLite call fails.
    pub fn execute<P>(&self, sql: &str, params: P) -> Result<usize>
        P: IntoIterator,
        P::Item: ToSql,
        self.prepare(sql).and_then(|mut stmt| stmt.execute(params))

I can’t find it in the new edition, but the first edition book describes documentation here:

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Thanks, just found this that is this