Library Development

Hello! Suggest ideas for creating a library on rust, please :grinning:

Your question is a little vague. What is your goal?

If your goal is to become a contributor to the Rust ecosystem, I would instead suggest something a little different:

If you are trying to come up with "a project to learn Rust", then the above are good places to start learning "practical" Rust (after things like reading the book or Rust By Example). But my experience aligns with a famous quote from Jason Turner of the C++ community.

He advises learning a new language with a project that deeply motivates you personally, and sounds easy.

Jason's cousin, for example, got interested in Rust and created the Rhai scripting language, which has continued far past his original expectations. Sergio Benitez created Rocket to see if he could push the type system of Rust into a new problem domain.

What captures your imagination? You'll have to decide for yourself, based on why you are interested in Rust. If it doesn't exist on GitHub or, go forth and code it!

Or, if you're interested in learning rather than just getting a solution to the problem, re-write it anyway and compare it to the public one. They might gain a thing or two from your work, as well.

EDIT: inserted the Jason quote link


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