Libmodbus bindings for Rust


Hello Rustaceans, I would like to introduce you some work of mine. contains ffi bindings to libmodbus. libmodbus handles the Modbus protocol and is written in C.

It is my first project of this kind and still far away from v1.0.0. Especially the error handling is not perfect. But I need a break to refocus. So I thought it was time to ask the community.

What do you think? What could I do better and are there errors? Please feel free to open issues and pull requests on github.

I’m grateful for all the feedback and would like to hear your thoughts.



Something that I feel is missing from this is that I would prefer to have a short introduction to what this crate actually does. there is just a link to to libmodbus at the start but that isn’t very obvious to me still what it’s doing.

The way I usually structure my crates is something like this is to give a small introduction to what it is and some small example code.

I’m sure there are other ways to do this but at least I find this useful.