(was — what's next?

I think @Dushistov is just using telnet to demonstrate the inability to connect, not that they'd actually expect to offer telnet service. :smile:


Ah, the old "our Sys-Admin doesn't trust websites from the Sovereign Republic of Servia (a reputable country in mainland Europe), but does trust the obscure British Oversea Territory 'British Indian Ocean Islands', the likes of which are otherwise primarily known for tax evasion and financial scams".
(Of course: both generalisations are equally racist and offensive, and should not be used to support organizational firewall rules..)

@Dushistov: I'd argue that "trust the reader to accurately guess what I meant" is fairly optimistic, given the history of internet discussions :wink:
(I'd have used ping...)

I'm kind of confused here.

The telnet output seems consistent with an IP block, since it is failing to connect to IP addresses. It is successfully resolving the domain names.

But those descriptions that you gave are based on domain names, not IP addresses. has an IP address in the United States, specifically Amazon AWS. has IP addresses at CloudFlare.


I'm on Win 7 at work and it seems it does not detect that my Firefox is on Dark theme, is there a way to manually activate the dark theme?

Nope. I've used prefers-color-scheme: dark in CSS, and this reads theme from the OS, not the browser theme. So it de-facto requires Windows 10.

So no hack to make it dark on Win 7? :frowning: