[lib] loca, library for dynamic memory allocation


I wrote this as an alternative to liballoc for 2 reasons:

  • liballoc is unstable and feature-gated
  • liballoc includes abortive containers, and defines the inherent impl for [T] (a lang item) in terms of them

I called it “loca” for reasons which should be obvious to anyone who knows Rust and Spanish and has tried to use the new crashy liballoc in a signifcant capacity.

It has a feature “stable-rust” which, ah, lets one build it on stable rust. In this case it also uses Unique from the ptr crate rather than libcore as the latter is feature-gated. (This is the reason it is a cargo feature rather than automatic — it actually modifies the interface.)

I have written 2 actual allocators for it: standard_allocator and jemalloc.

Cheers, have fun with allocators on stable! :slight_smile: