Learning Rust - Exercises


I work as part of a decent size team and we are evaluating Rust for our organisation. We are going to learn it together, one day a week, for six weeks, to give us an idea of whether we like it enough to use it.

Each week will have a theme, for example, data types, ownership, borrowing. We will split into pairs to complete an exercise related to that theme.

There are plenty of tutorials and exercises out there for us to do. My only problem is trying to relate those exercises to themes. Does anyone have any recommendations or ideas?


Sounds like a neat way to evaluate the ecosystem!

I’m not familiar with any really indepth collections of training resources out there right now. I could be wrong though. Perhaps you could use something like Rust by example and the Book as a guide and try to find some more specific examples to expand on topics introduced there.

If you do a callout here or on reddit for crates and tutorials for specific topics as you need them I’m sure you’ll get plenty of insight.


Thare are alsow resorces at rust-learning and awesome-rust but nothing that I know of that is split by learning topic.


Have you seen rustlings? Might be too simple for what you have in mind, but it is split up by topic.