Lead Rust Developer needed!

Hello dear Rustaceans !

My business, Volya, is looking for a lead Rust developer to architect and develop a stablecoin centric web application.
The project involves building something similar to an exchange and will likely make use of zero-knowledge proofs in the mid-term (something Rust is really good at).

I have been working on that project for a couple months now and aim to start building the product asap. You would be working alongside me and another software developer.

We are based in London U.K, however I will consider remote offers, provided you are ± 2hours from GMT. We are both native french speakers, we are therefore open to french candidates.

The salary will vary depending on your experience.

Ideally you participate in FOSS and have experience in production level Rust applications.
Experience in the banking/payment industry would be amazing, as would experience in teaching code.

I am self funding the development of that product. I cannot therefore guarantee that I will be able to hire you for longer than 6 months. Nonetheless, I know quite a few VCs (but would love to stay away from them if possible).

Feel free to DM me if it sounds interesting :slight_smile: