Lead Rust Developer needed!

Hello Rustaceans !
Volya™, is looking for a lead Rust developer to help us architect and develop an application to shelter and manage savings in highly inflationary or corrupt economies.
Our goal is to help any person protect their savings, by allowing them to sell a local currency against an asset backed stablecoin.

About us :
Volya™ started out of the need to help people shelter their savings, anywhere.
We are currently a three people team based in London and Barcelona, with experience in data science, software development and product management.

Where we are at :
We have been working for a couple months on the project, preparing the Marketing, Business and Legal environments.
Product wise, we have finished laying out the UI & UX, drawing flow diagrams and modelling processes.
We also identified most third party services that we plan on using (e.g Auth0).

About you :
We need an experienced developer that can provide guidance and is an effective problem solver. You must also take pride in the quality and structure of your solutions.
Ideally you participate in FOSS and have experience in production level Rust applications.

What we can offer :
Salary will vary depending on your experience, but comes with an equity package.
We are opened to remote candidates provided you are ± 3 hours from GMT.

Feel free to DM.



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