ld: failed to convert GOTPCREL relocation; relink with --no-relax

I want to use rust-mbedtls in my no-std rust project. But, in no_std without libc, I need to provide my own version of the standard C function calloc()/free() Therefore, I wrote my rust version calloc()/free() as showed in the following so that the rust-mbedtls can use it as C calloc and free :

const ALIGNMENT: usize = 16;
pub extern "C" fn calloc(number_of_elements: core::ffi::c_ulong, element_size: core::ffi::c_ulong) -> *mut core::ffi::c_void {

    // TODO: CHECK number_of_elements or element_size is null
    // 0 as *mut c_void;
    //core::mem::transmute(0) as *mut c_void
    if number_of_elements == 0 || element_size == 0 {
        return core::ptr::null_mut() as *mut core::ffi::c_void;

    let total_size = number_of_elements * element_size;
    let layout = Layout::from_size_align(total_size as usize, ALIGNMENT).unwrap();

    let ptr;
    unsafe {
        ptr = alloc(layout);

    let pointer_addr = ptr.addr();

        let mut allocator_tracker = ALLCATOR_RECODER.write();
        allocator_tracker.memory_layout_records.insert(pointer_addr, layout.clone());

    ptr as *mut core::ffi::c_void

pub extern "C" fn free(ptr: *mut core::ffi::c_void) {
    if ptr.is_null() { return }

    let ptr = ptr as *mut u8;

    let ptr_addr = ptr.addr();

    let layout;
        let allocator_tracker = ALLCATOR_RECODER.write();
        layout = match allocator_tracker.memory_layout_records.get(&ptr_addr) {
            Some(e) => e.clone(),
            None => return,

        dealloc(ptr, layout);

But I got a compilation error when I tried to link my rust calloc and free to mbedtls:

ld: failed to convert GOTPCREL relocation; relink with --no-relax
make[1]: *** [makefile:20: ../build/qkernel.bin] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/yaoxin/master-thesis-quark/qkernel'
make: *** [makefile:5: release] Error 2

Do you have any idea what should I do?

I also tried to add the --no-relax flag, but I failed, see Failed to add linker flag to rust project - Stack Overflow
Could you please give me some help?

More info please see linker - Rust compilation failed: I got ld: failed to convert GOTPCREL relocation; relink with --no-relax - Stack Overflow

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