Latest available futures version is 0.1.23 while docs say 0.2.1

Whenever I try to find futures crate on I see 0.1.23 version as latest (right now it is 0.1.23 at least), but if I go to the docs, the link is opened for 0.2.1 futures crate. How is that possible and how do I download that 0.2.1 or there is a problem somewhere?

The 0.2 versions were yanked and moved to futures-preview, has a bug where it still considers yanked crates to be valid for the latest version. You almost certainly still want to be using 0.1 though, there’s only a few projects that migrated to 0.2, the big push is going to be moving everything over to 0.3 once that releases in the near future (although that’s going to be nightly only for a while and will have compatibility shims for 0.1, so not sure if everything will move straight away).