Large vectors take a long time to compile

I was working on this problem in Rust:

One of the test cases is a vector of 20,000 elements. It takes a long time to compile the code (about 35 seconds) and I have a pretty powerful MacBook Pro. I've narrowed down the problem to this long vector.

Is this a known problem?

PS: the code runs very fast after it compiles.

Without seeing the code it's hard to say. Please share an example on

It is a known issue. It seems like a llvm bug, but who knows.


It may be an overkill for an exercise, but in general if you have lots of data to embed in the program, you can use include_file!().

It loads binary data as a bunch of unaligned bytes, so for bigger types you'd need serialization and deserialization steps. If you want to be super-efficient you could use ptr::read_unaligned to read binary representation directly. Quick'n'dirty way would be to include JSON and copy data out with serde_json::from_slice.


@Hyeonu thanks for sharing the known issue. It's a bit crazy that compile time slows down quadratically as the vector/array size grows.

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