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I was doing a lot of research over the last few weeks and I’m still to find a source where I can read about the rust development cycle from beginning to end.

What I found so far is:

What I was expecting:

A section in the rust book or some other official place dedicated to the topic. Explaining the whole cycle, from idea generation to implementation and production release with what processes are already in place and how people can jump to the train to help on different stages.

Do you know where I can find such information? If it doesn’t exist, how can I help to put it in place? I’m the organizer of the Cambridge Rust meetup and this is one of the questions I get more often and is something I would love to be able to explain in depth. It would help me get started as a contributor and it would definitely help others to do so too.

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Would this help?

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This is the book section on this topic. The point of the book is to learn rust, and so getting too deep in the weeds here is offtopic, but we wanted people to understand the nightly relationship.

This is the section of the website that’s intended to help people understand how Rust is made. If it’s not comprehensive enough, we should fix that.


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