Kondo 0.6, 5 new supported languages & multithreading

Kondo is a cli (and ui) for easily (and recursively) cleaning up build artifacts like target and node_modules from your computer.

I don't think I'd posted Kondo here before so I'm keen to hear feedback/if you find it useful :slight_smile:

I've just released the long overdue 0.6 update with some nice features and bug fixes.

  • Support added for 5 new project types bringing the total to 14! Thanks to the awesome new contributors
    • cmake, composer, pub, elixir, and swift
  • Support for only showing "inactive" projects, for example kondo --older 3M will only show you projects that haven't been modified for more than 3 months
  • Kondo no longer follows symlinks by default, thanks @cuviper for this bug report
  • Multi-threading! Previously kondo was completely synchronous, the prompt would be blocked while your drive was scanned, and while the project was being cleaned, meaning ui lag was unavoidable even on fast computers.
    Now the project discovery is on it's own thread and can run ahead (up to a limit), and deletion is also moved to a separate thread. I was really happy with how easy this turned out to be.
  • Readme got a touch up!

You can get the latest version with brew install kondo, or via cargo install kondo. There's also a GUI in druid if that's more your speed, details in readme.

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