Know of any document metadata sanitization projects or libraries? rusty or not

hello folks!

I have been contemplating whether I should sow the seeds of a library for sanitizing metadata from documents. Abstractions for purging metadata. The goal would be to provide a highly portable implementation that purges leaky metadata from popular document formats. Microsoft Office documents and PDFs are the first few that came to mind.

Before I go a-committing I wanted to ask if you know of anything in the Rust ecosystem. Or other ecosystems.

I believe such a library has a warranted use case for authoring in Rust.
Don't worry. This is not a RIIR for exiftool -all=.

why is this a problem?

Document authoring systems often divulge user details while trying to "be helpful". This has unintended consequences for users' privacy and security.

For more on what and why of the problem you can: