Keyword question (mostly for historians)

I was typing finalize and the syntax highlighter did its thing when I got to final. A quick search led me to a list of reserved keywords.

I'm was a little surprised to see abstract, final, override and virtual there. Obviously they wouldn't have to necessarily be used for exactly what I'm thinking they look like, but it made me curious: Was there at some time plans to implement classes with C++/C#/Java-like inheritance? .. or is it even still the case?

I'm rather new to Rust, so I can't give you any answers myself but I think you may be interested in this discussion:

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Be happy Rust does not have 'goto' as a reserved keyword as Java does. :slight_smile:


Indeed, and it lead to a pre-RFC on delegation that looks really neat.

I wish there were more people working on Rust -- some of these (pre-)RFC's would be super helpful to what I'm working on right now.

Glimpses of an even better future. :slight_smile:

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